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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Price Is Right Baby Shower Game (Updated with Answers)

Directions for the game: (THIS GAMES ENDED at the end of the shower and the winner of this was San Courtney! )
Write down what you think the cost of each item is on your game sheet. Add up the price for all of the items. Please leave a comment with your answers (these will not show until the end of the game, so others will not see your answers) After the shower is over the comments will be checked and the person closest to the actual price without going over is the winner. If there is a tie then the bonus item,the monitor will be the tie breaker. (please do NOT add the monitor into total price) The prices are the actual San Antonio Walmart prices on Thursday July 16th.

This is a package of Pampers NEWBORN 40 count diapers

These were $9.97

Pampers 64 count tub of sensitive wipes
These were $2.26

This is a 12.9 ounce can of Formula
This was $13.17

2 pack of Pacifiers
These were $3.97

Sorry photo was lost and it won't let me reput it on but it was a
2 pack of stage one Baby Food
The price was .94

Gerber 5 pack of Onesies
The price was $8.97

This was $4.00

This was $3.97

5 Pack of Receiving Blankets
these are $10.50

Wet Bag (for Cloth Diapering)
This items was $16.50

5 Pack of Bibs
These were $9.87

After all of the above items please add up your total for your answer. The actual total was $84.12

Bonus Item: PLEASE DO NOT ADD into the total but leave in the same comment what you think the price of this item is:

Fisher Price Sounds and Lights baby Monitor
We actually bought this item it was $12.00 because they are changing the design

Features: Sounds lights to see and hear baby's call. Crystal Clear reception up to 400 feet and built in night light.

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